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Hey! Hello I'm Oscar, and I want to thank you for reading my article. In September 2009, we decided to create a new brand of still wine, something easy-drinking that you could share with your friends.

In my mind, I imagined you pouring a bottle for your best friends on a cool summer's evening out on the back porch, or potentially surprising a loved one with an intimate dinner. Beyond anything, I wanted this wine to taste good and I also wanted this wine to be perfect for all you who love to explore wine online, knowing (and tasting) unique wines through the internet!

I made this wine for all of you, so your feedback is very important to me. In a few months, we will start working on the 2009 blend, crafted in exactly the way you tell us! So please leave us some feedback or ask us a question when you feel like it Saúde(portuguese for Cheers!) 

What is the difference between Quevedo wines and Oscar’s wine?

When we first decided to create a new brand of still wine, we were thinking in of a young wine, with a funky packaging, marketed solely using Social Media, which is how we came up with Oscar’s. But, traditionally, Quevedo is a Port House that just happens to make some very special still wines, under the same label. Today, however, we have Quevedo, which is more traditional and classic, and Oscar’s, which is young, dynamic and fun.

Quevedo makes some outstanding wines, while Oscar’s has not quite met the standards be under the Quevedo brand. Don’t get me wrong, Oscar’s is good, but it is not exceptional or outstanding. And honestly, I don’t want Oscar’s to be outstanding, otherwise instead of drinking a bottle of Oscar’s every week, you could only afford to buy it once in a blue moon. Oscar’s is affordable, and is meant to be your stand bye dinner wine, or simply a wine you look forward to savoring after a hard day’s work. And who is to say that you can’t bring the night to a celebratory close with a small glass of a Quevedo Colheita 1994 or a Quevedo LBV 2003?! If you have a dish you feel pairs well with Oscar’s, let us know!

Oscar Quevedo jr - Oscars Wine
Portugal E-mail : oscars(at)quevedoportwine.com




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